Why I’m a Big Fan of the New Particle Face Cream for Men

Lance Griffin

We asked Lance to tell us about his experience with Particle – Here’s what he had to say:

A team of leading Biochemists have developed a unique anti-aging face cream engineered specifically for men. 



How I heard about Particle

One day a close buddy of mine told me he’s been using this product called Particle that goes on easy and works great.


What made me buy Particle

Skin really isn’t something we ever talk about which is actually why I took him seriously—I figured the fact he’s even bringing it up means it’s really making a difference, and it’s worth giving it a try.


I don’t like going to Wallmart or Wallgreens and stuff, because I’m never really sure what exactly I’m looking for—and I hate asking for help.


I really appreciate that I could just easily order it online, privately, with no hassle or pressure from anyone.


What I noticed the first time i used Particle

I don’t like any strong scents, anything that smells too flowery, or like a woman basically. So, Particle passed the scent test.


Then, I knew I couldn’t use anything that would leave my face feeling sticky or greasy. Definitely can’t handle that…I need to feel like I have nothing on.


This stuff disappears almost instantly and actually makes you feel fresher, especially after I shave.


What made me stick with it

Before, I used to just shave and wash my face with any regular, all-purpose soap.


But after using Particle I saw how easy it was—it literally added just 10 seconds to my day—so I kept using it.


You just put it on your face and go.


What particle does for my skin

After the first week, I could feel and see a difference around my eyes, and my skin just felt firmer and smoother.


I noticed I just felt better about how I look.


Who would I recommend Particle to

Any and all men.


I mean, I’ve always seen myself as an average Joe kinda guy that will never really fuss over my appearance, but given how easy this is and the clear changes I see, I really would recommend it to any man out there that wants to look better and feel more confident with basic effort.

Photos Credit:  @puneetwashere @ricardostyleforever  @particleformen


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