This Is Why I've Become a Big Fan of This New Face Cream for Men

Joe Ragen, 42

It’s been around two years since my 40th Birthday. I remember clearly waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and realizing how much I looked like my dad. As if I aged overnight! A good buddy of mine told me he’s been using a product called Particle that goes on easy and works great – this is why I’ve become a fan of this face cream that does it all.

A team of leading Biochemists have developed a unique anti-aging face cream engineered specifically for men. 



It Includes 6 Benefits In 1 Product.

Treating all aging signs at once was something on the verge of impossible a few years back – wrinkles, eye bags, dark spots.


After trying a few products for different things, my friend Mike (Dermatologist) finally suggested Particle all-in-one face cream. It’s so effective I’ve been sticking to it ever since.


It's engineered for men.

We’re men. Our skin is thicker. More rugged. It ages differently. We need a different kind of care than women. Particle gives you that care.


Their team of Bio-Chemists are pioneers in the field of skin care for men. They have done extensive research for 2 years until they found the perfect formula.


I'm investing less and getting more

Their price is very competitive. With the six-products-in-one approach, I’m able to buy one product that does it all.


The ingredients are excellent.

They hand-picked the best natural ingredients on the planet.


Particle formula includes a scientifically backed blend of ingredients which is EXACTLY what the skin needs. The less chemicals you use, the better.


They Give you A 30 Day Guarantee

Before I bought the product for the first time, I noticed this on their website:


“If your face doesn’t look and feel better after 30 days, you get your money back. No arguments.”


I'm looking and feeling better

I Noticed The Difference Immediately.

Seriously. Within days I noticed this isn’t like regular skincare*.


Taking care of my skin is easy and quick with Particle. It takes only 1 minute and I highly recommend it to anyone my age.



*Individual results may vary

New customers get 20% off their first purchase.

free shipping + 30 day money back guarantee

Photos Credit:  @puneetwashere @ricardostyleforever  @particleformen

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