10 Reasons Women Are Getting These Radical Personal Care Products for Their Man

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A team of leading biochemists has developed a set of unique personal care products specifically for men.

A team of leading Biochemists have developed a unique anti-aging face cream engineered specifically for men. 



They're engineered for Your Man

Your man’s skin is thicker. More rugged. It ages differently. His hair is also different, much more prone to thinning and widespread hair loss.


He needs a different kind of care than you. Particle gives him that care.

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Particle 6-in-1 Face Cream

Particle Face Cream Packs 6 Benefits In 1 Product

  1.  Reduces wrinkles
  2.  Alleviates eye bags
  3.  Helps remove dark spots
  4.  Soothes the skin after shaving
  5.  Moisturizes
  6.  Deep Nourishes with Dead Sea minerals
Particle Hair Strengthening Shampoo

particle hair strengthening shampoo fights hair loss

This shampoo uses the latest formula to stimulate hair growth and improve scalp health, including hair-thickening biotin and capixyl.

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Most Men Don't Take Care Of Their Skin

Let’s face it: most men don’t use any skincare products, leaving their skin dry and unhealthy. Now’s your chance to help your man change that.


Your Man Will Get The Best Ingredients on The Planet

Particle Face Cream and Hair Strengthening Shampoo include a scientifically backed blend of ingredients, which is EXACTLY what men’s skin and hair need.

Particle Face Cream Ingredients
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You'll Notice The Difference In No Time

Within days your man’s skin will look and feel  better: smoother to the touch, less visible wrinkles and eye bags, fewer dark spots.


His hair will be shinier and look thicker and healthier too.


He'll Stick With It

Your man will love Particle and the results he sees so much, he’ll keep using it. We guarantee it: if his skin and hair don’t look and feel better after 30 days, you get your money back. No questions asked.

Particle media reviews

The Media is All Over It

“7 Ways Men Can Look 10 Years Younger” [Consumer Health Digest]


“The Best Cream For Firming The Skin” [Men’s Axis]


“The 6-in-1 Cream That’s Revolutionizing Men’s Skincare” [Unfinished Man]


It Feels Ooooohhh

Particle Face Cream absorbs quickly and keeps the skin feeling hydrated without any side effects.

Particle Hair Strengthening Shampoo

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Particle customer reviews

Exuberant Customers Are giving it a 4.8 Rating!

“Skin feels great and looks great”

-Steve, 45 NY


“The bags under my eyes are less noticeable” -Jeff, 54 AZ


“People have already commented that I look younger” -Gary, 65 CA


He'll Simply Look Better

In real life, in photos and on Zoom. And looking better is feeling better, more confident. He’ll thank you for it.

Men Using Particle Face Cream

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